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    Virginia Ed Strategies is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on partnerships and programs that help ensure a strong K-12 educational system, a prepared future workforce, and a thriving global economy for Virginia. Originally established in 2007 as “Virginia Advanced Study Strategies,” our first several years were dedicated to administering the National Math and Science Initiative’s Advanced Placement (AP) teacher training and student support program that significantly increased the number of students taking and passing AP math, science, and English courses across the Commonwealth. More recent signature projects include the Rural Math Excel Partnership and the Rural Math Innovation Network – both funded by United States Department of Education Investing In Innovation (i3) grants to develop innovative models of national significance with potential for large-scale replication. Over the years, we have broadened our reach and mission to cultivate a variety of best practices that align K-12 education with employer and community needs. To date, Virginia Ed Strategies has garnered over $33 million in public and private funding to support statewide initiatives that have impacted more than 200,000 Virginia students, and in 2019, we became a sponsored organization of James Madison University.