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  • Get Involved and Get Connected!

    The best way to get the most value from Halifax County Chamber of Commerce membership is to get involved. Because the Chamber’s dynamic business plan is volunteer-driven, it is critical to keep members involved. Volunteers are vital to the Chamber’s success.

    Members obtain value from their membership by maximizing their contact with other members, and by building relationships with other individuals and businesses. Involvement increases business contacts, creates an atmosphere for business development and produces opportunities to make decisions that will influence community concerns. The Chamber offers a wide variety of ways to get involved and will certainly suit the interest of any member. Bring your experience and knowledge to help strengthen the Chamber’s membership while developing valuable business contacts.

    If you would like to get involved and get connected into the business community, simply fill out the form below. Check any committee you may be interested in serving on.

    A wealth of opportunities awaits you!
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    Business Development - Connect, grow, and strengthen business
    Community Development - Enhance community and economic development.
    Workforce Development - Provide resources to support employers' human capital needs