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    While many people receive good care in the hospital, most find once they are home, they lack supporting resources. Survivors of brain injury often find that they are lost and unsure how to navigate life following their injury. Many must relearn how to do everyday activities such as grocery shopping, working, and using a cell phone. Even simply visiting with a friend can be a new challenge. Fortunately, Brain Injury Solutions is here to help turn tragedy into hope! Not only are we here to fill the huge need of support during a challenging time, we provide this support free of charge for survivors of brain injury and their families.

    Brain Injury Solutions’ main area of support is through Case Management. Case managers assist survivors in becoming more independent, achieving their goals, and reintegrating into their communities through volunteer work, job placement, life skills, education assistance, and support programs. Coordinating supportive services can empower survivors and families to again become involved in their communities as they return home, to school, to work, and to life. Over 90% of goals set by survivors of brain injury with their case managers are met. Brain Injury Solutions is the only organization that provides free Case Management services to survivors of brain injury throughout Halifax County and the surrounding counties in Virginia.

    Learn more at www.bisolutions.org or contact us at 540-344-1200 or info@bisolutions.org