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    Are you connected?

    Successful businesses stay connected. Having a meaningful online presence is a large aspect of being “connected” in today’s market. Elletee’s Online Mission is to help your business be connected and stay connected.

    I am continuously working to stay connected within various industries and markets for my businesses and personal knowledge. Thus, I decided to follow my passion and launch my own business geared towards assisting small business with marketing and growth strategies. (After all, we are all stronger by sharing knowledge and working together!)

    I launched Elletee’s online to share my passion and unique professional experience in various industries to help other small businesses in a variety of ways. Elletee’s Online offers a tailored innovation menu packed with service options that are fluid and actionable. No matter the age of your business, I have relevant business and marketing ideas ready to share with you. I aim to work with business that are at the conceptual level to businesses that are in their “veteran” years.

    Small business is my passion. Let me put my passion (and my MBA) to work for your business. I can’t wait to chat with you - here’s to launching shared success!

    Please view my Innovation Menu of Services on the web: https://elleteesonline.com/services/.
    Here you will learn a bit more about Elletee’s Online as a business and the services offered to help your business be connected + stay connected.

    Feel free to message on any platform, email me at elleteesonline@gmail.com, or give me a call. Instagram: @elleteesonline


    • Marketing Consulting
    • Branding & Business Development
    • Marketing Content & Event Planning
    • Website Planning
    • Socia Media, Email, Text Message Marketing & More