• Halifax County Community
    Clean Up Day

    Saturday, April 20, 2024

  • Help us clean up our community!
    We will be picking up trash in our neighborhoods, parks, and along our roads.

    We encourage participants to recycle items that qualify! You can find a list of Halifax County Recycling Centers here.

    Pick up your free orange trash bags at a Halifax County location near you!
    Halifax County Visitor's Center | Halifax County Chamber of Commerce | Halifax Market Place | South Boston Farmer's Market

    Let us know where you're participating below.

  • Areas In Need

    These areas are only suggestions, please feel free to clean any area you see in need!

    Alton Post Office Road

    Ash Avenue - Harris Family

    Ball Park Loop

    Berry Hill Road

    Bethel Road

    Birch Elmo Road

    Cassada Lane

    Chatham Road

    Clarkton Road

    Cowford Road

    Denniston Road

    Elkhorn Road

    Fulp Industrial Rd.

    Glendale Drive

    Green's Folly Road

    Hamilton Blvd (N. Main - Hwy 360) - Rotary Club

    Harmony Road

    Horseshoe Road

    Houghton Ave

    Howard P Anderson

    Hunting Creek Road

    Johnson Mill

    LP Bailey Memorial Highway

    Leda Road

    Logan Road

    Love Shop/Cowford Road (Past Banister River Bridge) - HYPE

    Melon Road (Turbeville Fire Station toward river bridge)

    Mountain Road

    Mt. Laurel Road

    N. Terry's Bridge Road

    Plywood Trail

    Ponderosa Road - Priscilla Blake

    Poplar Creek Street

    Porter Lane

    Red Bank Road

    Rodger's Chapel Road

    Sanai Road

    Sutphin Road

    N. Terry's Bridge Road

    Turbeville Road

    Virgilina Road

    Wallace Cole Road

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