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    Posted: 02/08/2024

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    • To constantly visually observe and monitor the track and on the track participants as they pass through your station zone.
    • The ability to use the proper flags to communicate with drivers.
    • The ability to use the radio to clearly communicate pertinent information dealing with traffic in your Station area.
    • The ability to monitor people outside of the hot track fenced areas to ensure they stay be hind the fence area and to call in anyone climbing or jumping over the fence.
    • The ability to watch for photographer's to ensure they are in the restricted to only the areas that they are allowed to be in.
    • Must return to take direction form Control as to which flags and calls they have directed to be displayed.
    • To be on station prior to hot track activities, ensure you have all the issued equipment needed for the day.
    • Constant inspection of your track area for debris or hazards.
    • The ability to stand for long periods of time in the elements and to make your self visible to the drivers.
    • Arrive on time for the morning meeting.
    • Ability to work a day sift of 7:45am-5:30pm at a minimum.
    • Ability to work weekends if needed.
    • Work may require employees to work out side in the elements
    • Work may require long period of time of standing on their feet
    • Employee can not have any visual or audible handicaps
    • Needs to have the ability to be able to wave two flags with separate hands at once
    • Ability to speak English clearly and to communicate on a radio in a controlled manner
    The items listed above are the priority, but do not exclude you from being a VIR World ambassador at all times and offering assistance to all VIR programs/employees when they are in need.

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