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  • Head Girls Volleyball Coach - Middle School

    Posted: 07/23/2020

    The Head Volleyball Coach reports directly to the Athletic Director and Principal and has the primary responsibility for all levels of the volleyball program.  The successful candidate will be required to follow the procedures of the athletic program.

    Eligible for a Virginia teacher's license and also have the following qualities:

    • A proven verifiable record of positive staff, student and administrative support and relationships.
    • A proven verifiable record of placing appropriate emphasis on good sportsmanship, academic excellence, positive attitudes and character.
    • A demonstrated ability to teach, enforce, advocate and model appropriate behavior, character traits and educational values to students.
    • A demonstrated ability to serve as a positive role model for student athletes and a commitment to holding all students and adults associated with the program to the same standards.
    • A demonstrated ability to work with parent groups, administrators, staff, and students.
    • A demonstrated ability to organize and maintain positive communication with the community.

    • Full responsibility for the overall supervision and development of the volleyball program.

    • Coordinates, plans, and implements the scheduling of team activities, tryouts, practices, and game plans.
    • Teaches athletes to perform sound, safe fundamental techniques.
    • Monitors student attendance and academic performance.
    • Follows district policies and site procedures.
    • Ensures for the safety and security of the team before, during, and after events and traveling to and from events.
    • Ensures distribution, collection, and general upkeep of all uniforms and equipment and provides an end-of-the-season inventory.

    Apply online at www.halifax.k12.va.us