• Title

  • Chief Financial Officer/Development Officer

    Posted: 09/11/2020

    The CFO/CDO will take a leadership role in financial decisions that effect the company and will provide strategic financial input to senior management. While keenly overseeing the overall financial process, the CFO/CDO will play a key role in developing and implementing financial procedures to improve and maintain the financial health of the company. In addition to the financial responsibilities, the CFO/CDO will also work with the management team, governing board and staff to define the organization’s direction. Candidate will be responsible for planning and implementing strategies to secure donors and contributions in support of the organization, provide oversight of the fund development program, monitor development activities and address issues that may hamper growth and success. Other requirements and duties assigned to the CFO/CDO will include grant management.
    The position requires the candidate to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or a related field (MBA preferred) with a minimum of five years’ professional experience in managing projects and teams. This candidate must have strong interpersonal skills, leadership skills, sharp decision-making abilities, proficiencies in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel specifically) as well as the ability to analyze data.
    Physical requirements include the ability to sit 50% of the workday, stand 50% of the workday, use a computer, calculator and other office equipment, as well as occasionally lift 25 pounds. Starting salary range is $55,000-60,000 per year.
    To apply, please complete an application on the agency website at www.tricountyva.org under “Contact Us”.
    For further information on the position, contact us at 434-575-7916.