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    Job Type


    • To be presentable and in uniform at all times, and work 12 hour shifts
    • Ability to be able to work in multiple environments such as the front gate, parking, traffic direction, crowd control, and sales.
    • Need to be able to work with and learn technology. Such as cashless payment systems at point of sale system.
    • Responsible for knowing VIR policy and regulations and to be able to communicate them to our guests
    • This position will be for seasonal major event staffing
    • Seasonal to work major event weekends throughout the season(March to November). Day or night shift.
    • Must pass a background and drug test
    • Ability to stand for long hours and to work outdoors
    • Ability to be personable and patient with our guests
    The items listed above are the priority, but do not exclude you from being a VIR World ambassador at all times and offering assistance to all VIR programs/employees when they are in need.

    APPLY HERE: https://recruiting.paylocity.com/Recruiting/Jobs/Details/1493254