• Title


    Job Type
    Part Time


    • Ensure the assigned rescue unit is checked and ready for service.
    • Items to be checked:
      • All Engine Fluids
      • All lights to ensure proper working order
      • All Fire bottles for fullness and readiness
      • All hand tools are on the unit and in good working condition
      • Oil Dry have at least 1 5 gallon pale completely full
    • Respond to all incidents on and off the track as directed.
    • Extinguish fires/assist the driver in getting out of the vehicle
    • Perform flat tows either with the rope or the strap
    • Inspect the vehicles to be towed for tow points.
    • Ability to provide quick instruction points for the driver to ride his/her breaks and not run over the tow device in a polite and clear manner.
    • Assist maintenance department with repairs to barriers as directed.
    • Last rescue unit on the scene of incident will remain on scene until maintenance is clearing the scene and clear all units with race control, as they leave the racing surface.
    • Apply Oil Dry as needed for spills on the race surface or the access roads on VIR property.
    • IF posted on Pit Road ensure you have a fire bottle and it has a full charge.
    • Keep the rescue units clean at all times including the cab
    • Wear VIR uniform at all times in a clean and presentable manner
    • Wear provided and or suggested personal protection equipment

    • Have a good knowledge of power kill switch's and on board extinguisher systems on race vehicles.
    • Virginia State Firefighter certification
    • Out of State Firefighter Level 1 or 2 certification
    • Must have a valid driver license
    • Back ground check required
    • Drug test may be requested
    • Ability to work weekends
    The items listed above are the priority, but do not exclude you from being a VIR World ambassador at all times and offering assistance to all VIR programs/employees when they are in need.

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