• Title

  • Maintenance Worker

    On call as needed (no more than 10 hours/week)


    • Six months or more of related experience preferred

    • Ability to read and interpret instructions, procedures, manuals, and other documents

    • Ability to report and record maintenance requests

    • Knowledge of cleaning methods and equipment

    • Basic understanding of the upkeep and care of equipment and tools

    • Understanding of cleaning compounds and chemicals, and their safe, efficient use

    • Have knowledge of basic electricity, plumbing, carpentry and painting

    • Must be at least 18 years old 


    Sufficient physical strength and agility to carry out essential duties
    Lift, pull and carry up to 50 pounds
    Ability to erect and stand on ladders and platforms at heights up to 30 feet
    Ability to work with paint, cleaning equipment, chemical compounds, solvents, cleaners, and solutions in dry, liquid, powder, spray, and aerosol forms
    Ability to paint, clean equipment, and operate motorized equipment as needed
    Ability to work in conditions that will create dirt and dust
    Ability to perform essential maintenance to facility or equipment which may involve, but not limited to the following activities: semi – reaching to full-reach overhead; crouching; kneeling; shoveling; carrying, working in narrow and/or confining spaces: underground, overhead, and at ground level; twisting of the waist, shoulders, and legs; and lying on stomach and/or back