• Title

  • Library Media Specialist

    Posted: 07/22/2020

    Provides for the delivery of media center services in the school setting.

    1.   Must possess a Virginia teacher license with an endorsement in library media Pre K-12.

    2.   Possess leadership and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with students, parents, and staff.

    . Acquires materials to meet students’ interests, abilities, and maturity levels.

    2. Solicits staff recommendations for materials which reflect curricular needs.
    3. Manages the allocated funds and extra monies required to meet school needs and state standards.
    4. Establishes procedures and policies for the effective distribution of materials and equipment.
    5. Arranges for repair/replacement of media materials and equipment.
    6. Provides for accessibility and utilization of division media services.
    7. Maintains the division management system for the inventory, classification, and cataloging of materials.
    8. Assists with curriculum and instructional planning and implementation.
    9. Integrates the information curriculum with the school curriculum.
    10.Provides instruction for individual students, classes, and groups in information gathering in cooperation with classroom teachers.
    11.Encourages students and teachers to use a variety of materials and sources.
    12.Promotes reading for pleasure and information.
    13.Provides bibliographies in curriculum content areas as requested. 
    14.Acquaints staff and students with the media collection and with new materials.
    15.Assists staff and students in the access of information through technology.
    16.Provides media center experiences which help students develop satisfactory personal relationships and social attitudes.
    17.Encourages positive student behavior.
    18.Creates an attractive environment in the media center.
    19.Demonstrates respect, consideration, and courtesy in working with the total school community.
    20.Accepts and/or offers constructive suggestions in a professional manner.
    21.Adheres to board and school policies.
    22.Maintains professionalism during stressful situations.
    23.Communicates with parents, students, staff and community in a professional manner.
    24.Seeks staff development opportunities.
    25.Maintains confidentiality.

    26.Accepts and fulfills additional responsibilities.