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  • Vehicle Mechanic

    Posted: 06/10/2019

    Requirements: Applicant needs to be able to work multiple weekends throughout the season, this is a year around Full-Time position. Pay will vary with experience and attitude. The applicant also needs to be able to work on both Diesel and Gasoline engines. This job is labor intensive with heavy lifting and prolonged times in the elements working with heavy equipment in a fast-paced environment. *Ability to operate equipment in varying terrains is a plus.

    Vehicle Maintenance duties include: the ability to work under direct instruction from the Maintenance Manager as to maintaining all VIR vehicles and equipment. Responsible for presentation and upkeep of VIR vehicle maintenance bays and mechanical servicing equipment and tools. Responsible for parts and parts room inventory 
    VIR Maintenance includes: Equipment operation in the event of setting tire barriers and/or vehicle extraction. Upon approval of operating Track Sweepers will be responsible for track cleaning during cold track times

    The items listed above are the priority, but do not exclude you from being a VIR World ambassador at all times and offering assistance to all VIR programs/employees when they are in need.